Introducing JOSSCast: Open Source for Researchers 🎉

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of “JOSSCast: Open Source for Researchers” - a podcast exploring new ways open source can accelerate your work. Hosted by Arfon Smith and Abby Cabunoc Mayes, each episode features an interview with different authors of published papers in JOSS.

There are 3 episodes available for you to listen to today! This includes “#1: Eva Maxfield Brown on Speakerbox – Open Source Speaker Identification for Political Science” and “#2: Astronomy in the Open – Dr. Taylor James Bell on Eureka!” along with a special episode #0 with hosts Arfon and Abby.

Tune in to learn about the latest developments in research software engineering, open science, and how they’re changing the way research is conducted.

New episodes every other Thursday.

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